The Universe Defiant is the sixth studio album by Dan Kirschner (A.K.A. Motionless Battle). This, next to Defeatism, was the most electronic and beautiful masterpiece ever. The Universe Defiant was released on Kitty on Fire Records during the events of early March and mid-April of 2010

Track Listing:Edit

1. "Dimensions (Intertwined)"- 4:30

2. "Lucid Incandescence"- 5:00

3. "Columns"- 3:46

4. "Evading Illusions"- 5:24

5. "Airships"- 4:11

6. "The Universe Defiant"- 5:04

7. "Structures"- 4:51

8. "Architects in the Sky"- 5:07

9. "Creation"- 6:21


Genre: Progressive, 8-Bit, Experimental

Release Date: March 23/30, 2010

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