Defeatism is the eponymous 5th full length by Motionless Battle. It was released exclusively between 2009 and 2010 on the Kitty on Fire label. It is well known for its continuous use of electronica-based influences, which the other albums all were incorporated with nintendo-based influences


The cover depicts Mario (whom is very recognizable) half-covered in blood, bruised with two nails, and the album's name on a strip piece of paper on Mario's hat.

Track Listing:Edit

1. "World One (intro)"

2. "Obscurity Divine"- 3:48

3. "Shapes and Sounds"

4. "The Defeatist, Part One: And the City Breathes"- 3:17

5. "Pyramid Block Avalanche"

6. "The Defeatist, Part Two: Ruins of Atlantis"- 3:53

7. "Interlude"

8. "Tentacles of Cthulu"- 4:54

9. "In Confidence"- 1:47

10. "Anemone"- 6:37

11. "A Triumph in Defeat"- 4:07

Album Information:Edit

Genre: Nintendocore, 8-Bit

Release: Late 2009